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Tylos Jackson

Tylos is the husband of his beautiful wife of 40 years, Pamela. They are the proud parents of seven children, all except one who lives within the city of Modesto, and another child preceded them in death. In addition, Tylos and Pamela have other informal children that are considered full-fledged members of their family.  
Tylos came from the East Bay Area and lived in Richmond, before he felt impressed, to leave his hometown and assisted in launching Victory In Praise Church in Stockton (1995). Eight years later, Tylos and a core group of seven came to Modesto to launch Victory In Praise Modesto Church.  
Tylos has led the Victory In Praise Modesto church community to influence people with the love of Jesus through various ministries that touch the city of Modesto. He has continually led through his local pastoral charge for over eighteen years. 

Tylos enrolled at Grand Canyon University, where he received his bachelor's and master's degree, emphasizing Christian Leadership.   

Through Visionaries Pursuing Excellence, Inc., Tylos was consecrated to the office of Bishop and currently functions as an assistant to the Presiding Bishop of that network of churches.

He has been fortunate to launch churches and guide leaders within and outside the church's structure and organization that he functions to serve within.

Why did you choose to be a board member of LSC?

I bring an alternative perspective that will allow the vision LSC to serve more of our communities. I believe that the various arms of LSC "Love our neighbors, Love our schools, and Love our kids" are connected with how God has made me. I am convinced to love our neighbor, teach our children, and display a deep
commitment towards our children's welfare. Through this partnership in LSC's board, we can affect Stanislaus County to make our cities more a community to express love and respect for our neighborhoods.

What do you love most about being on the LSC board?

To join a partnership of community members willing to make Stanislaus County an attractive place to live and work. These bright men and women's success in developing such an organization as LSC has changed how we manage this county and care for its residents.

What do you love most about living in Stanislaus County?

As a resident of Modesto for over eighteen years, what is loved the most is a slower pace of living. Where the opportunities to engage with different ethnicities are available if we desire such relationships. The central location of Stanislaus County allows travel to Pismo Beach, Anaheim, Squaw Valley, the lights of San Francisco, and the majestic scene of Yosemite, all within reasonable driving distance.

In what ways do you participate in the community?

We feed and clothe citizens within our community from our church. We go to parks monthly and share our prayers, clothing, food, and resources for school-age children. Also, provide spiritual and emotional support for countless numbers of people within our community. Last, but not least, personal relationships to be the bridge to assist with racial harmony within our community.

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