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Joseph A. Gregori High School

3701 Pirrone Rd.
Modesto, Ca. 95356

Why Love Gregori High School?

"My name is Ariana Ovalle and I’m the Career Navigator at Joseph A. Gregori High School. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a Gregori Jag for the last 7 years!. I’ve worked in Education a little over 15 years and I’ve held various positions from tutoring children in afterschool programs to assisting children with special needs. It’s been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling jobs I’ve ever had. My work in education lead me to pursue a Masters in school counseling that I’m currently working on. Through my experiences, I decided I wanted to do more to help guide students towards their career paths outside of high school. Being in the position of a career navigator, I have that opportunity, to guide students through the process and help them find what they are passionate about and would like to pursue after completing high school."

Ariana Ovalle
School Champion
Career Navigator
Joseph A. Gregori High School

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