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Tahmirah Mecca

Tahmirah Mecca is a young woman of faith. She was raised in Patterson and though ventured out of state for college, she returned home to serve her community.

She graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with her Bachelor's in Sociology and minor in Psychology. She learned that though all are born equal, they are not born under equitable circumstances and has dedicated her adult life to helping those who are in need.

She currently works for Improve Your Tomorrow with the mission to increase the amount of young men of color to attend and graduate from college and universities. Her work spans the Northern Central Valley, which covers San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Merced Counties.

And when she is not working, she loves to travel and explore new places; as well as cooking and trying new recipes.

Why did you choose to be a LSC Community Advisory Committee member?

I chose to be a LSC Community Advisory Committee member because I admire the work that is being done here and I want to be a part of the awesome things to come from this organization in any way that I can.

What do you love most about LSC?

I love the leadership at LSC. They go above and beyond to serve our community.

What do you love most about living in Stanislaus County?

I love that even though our county is growing, it still has a small town feeling. I enjoy the growing diversity in our county and the cultural richness that comes with that.

In what ways do you participate in the community?

I am a member of Agape Baptist Church in Patterson, where I serve as the Event Coordinator. I am currently serving on the Modesto Bee’s Community Advisory Board. I am also the Program Specialist for Invest in Me, which is a young women’s empowerment program that currently serves the West Side of Stanislaus County.

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