Love Our Schools Director

Kayla is the Love Our Schools Director. Love Our Schools seeks to bring together all parts of the community to support our schools.

Kayla is originally from the Central Valley, however she has spent the majority of the last decade living and working in the Monterey Bay area. She has a passion for serving others and a passion for mentorship and leadership development. She has worked in higher education the majority of her professional career and one of her favorite things about working with students is being able to meet them where they are at and in the space that they are coming from and helping them become the best version of themselves they can be! When Kayla is not working, she loves spending time outdoors with her husband and their two dogs finding new hiking trails to explore or in the kitchen finding ways to express herself creatively through food. She is passionate about many things including social justice issues and climate change activism.

What is your role at Love Stanislaus County?

I serve as the Director of Love Our Schools, a program of Love Stanislaus County. I work with K-12 schools in Stanislaus County to identify the needs of the schools and help find volunteers in the local community to meet the needs.

What do you love the most about your job?

I love being able to serve others and see the joy on students' faces when their needs are being met. I love working with outside businesses and organizations and collaborating with others to help meet students' needs.

What do you love most about living in Stanislaus County?

I love how close we are to anything and everything. If we want to go to the beach it is only a 2 hour drive but if we want to go to the mountains it is also a short drive away. I love how we are located so centrally to many different things. I also love how industry focused the Valley is. My husband works in trades and there is such a good opportunity and wealth of work for him here.

In what ways do you participate in the community?

I am a part of Redeemer Church here in Modesto. I serve on Stanislaus Cradle to Career Partnership, and the Stan Youth Empowerment Alliance.