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Large Sign Team Member

Love Modesto

About the Role

Organization Name:

- Sept. 1: Attend a 1 hour training at 4pm.
- Sept. 4: One month before event, put up Love Modesto signs all over town.
- Oct. 2: On the day of the event, take signs down and return to the storage unit.


'- Work in teams to put up Love Modesto large signs
- Drive t-posts into the ground (sometimes in rough, dry, terrain) to put signs up and t-post puller to take them down.
- Have a pick-up truck (1 per team) to transport 4' x 8' signs and t-posts
- Attire is work clothes and work gloves are recommended


Family Friendly?

Project Type:

# Needed:


Adults > 18 only

Manual Labor


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