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What we do

Love Stanislaus County is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was founded in 2014.  Love Stanislaus County oversees city-wide volunteer days (Love Modesto, Love Waterford, Love Oakdale, etc.) in Stanislaus County with the goal of bringing communities together through volunteering. In addition to our city-wide volunteer days, Love Stanislaus County has four programs.  


Our Kids Program focuses on helping foster youth and foster youth families with securing household items needed (beds, couches, strollers, etc) by partnering with Stanislaus County Child Welfare.  Referrals are submitted for these items by county social workers.  Additionally, the Kids Program creates comfort kits.  A comfort kit is a backpack with a blanket, hygiene products and a stuffed animal.  Comfort kits are given to foster youth who are moved or removed from their home. 


Our Neighbors Program focuses on bringing communities together.  This work includes helping volunteers connect to volunteer opportunities, hosting or co-hosting events, and activities in neighborhoods that bring people together and connects them to resources.   


Our Schools Program focuses on creating villages to help schools.  A village is when the program connects local businesses and churches to a school that is located in the same neighborhood as the church or business to help where help is needed.  Examples of village activities include backpack drives, student activates, and special events.  Additionally, the Schools Program works to connect schools to volunteer opportunities for their staff and students. 


Our Seniors Program focuses on assisting older adults and persons with disabilities in our community by connecting them with resources and volunteers who are willing to help.  The Seniors Program receives referrals from Stanislaus County Adult Protective Agency (APS) and In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) for seniors who may need items fixed in their home or perhaps furniture or other household items.

OUR Vision

Our vision is for a community that lifts each other up, values one another, and seeks to help where help is needed.



Our mission is to inspire our community to love each other through connecting, participating, giving, and serving.

OUR Values


We value and believe in collaboration with congregations, nonprofits, businesses, and community members as the way to serve.


We value community engagement and work to come together as one.


We value and are motivated by our love for God and His example of service to others.


We value diversity when it comes to gender, race, ethnicity, and socio-economic status


We value, respect, and understand that equity is not equality.  We see equity as meeting people where they are in life and understanding that that starting point will be different for everyone.


We value being honest and doing what is right over what is comfortable.


We value service to all parts of our community in all ways possible.

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