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Senior Relief Buddy

Stan County Dept of Aging

About the Role

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Senior Relief Buddy is a program focused directly to assist caregivers of frail elders. The Relief Buddy program will allow the caregivers a break from their responsibilities while the seniors interact with trained and certified volunteers.
The training class will involve insights into dealing with a senior who may have Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of memory impairment; potential emotional or mental health issues; or physical limitations. Also included will be information about confidentiality, avoiding over-involvement, and expectations for the time a volunteer will be spending with a senior. Several of the trainers will share best practices, such as suggestions for activities, regarding interacting with seniors with various limitations.


Volunteers must pass a fingerprint background check; attend visitor orientation and a 4-hour class to help them understand the unique situations for seniors who depend upon their family or friends for various needs.


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Stanislaus County

Adults > 18 only



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