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Stanislaus County Office of Education

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About Us

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Stanislaus County

Program Goals: To increase the college-going rate in Stanislaus County, to improve access to college for first-generation college students, and to increase college completions rates.

The 6 Cups to College mentor program is designed to help high school and early college students in their transition to college, with a focus on first-generation college students. Students can join the program as early as their junior year in high school and continue with the program through their sophomore year in college. Mentors are always matched with students by gender, and when possible, by major or similar career field.


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6 Cups to College Mentor


Stanislaus County


Stanislaus County Office of Education

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Adults > 18 only

Volunteers are gender matched with students to share their college experience with a student that has expressed an interest in attending college. Most students would be the first generation ...


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