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Joanna Esparza

Latina. Speaker. Writer. Author. Founder.

Joanna is a young woman of many talents, most importantly her heart was made to uplift women in our community. At the age of 23, Joanna fearlessly followed her passion to help women and founded the non-profit, She Became. The organization’s mission is to edify, empower and encourage young girls, teenagers, and women in the heart of the Central Valley via peer mentorship and inspirational workshops. Through the programs of She Became, girls and women learn the skills needed to love themselves, support their community and build positive long-lasting friendships and relationships that will nurture their inner spirit.

In 2019, Joanna decided to share her personal story of perseverance, resiliency, and faith through her first book, Discover Your True Worth. Joanna is also a Fellow Rise Up Leader with Raise Up an organization that is worldwide investing in the future of leaders to make an impact on a larger scale. She completed a Leadership and Advocacy Accelerator cohort in the Spring of 2019. Joanna has also been selected as one of the Outstanding Women of the year for 2020 in Stanislaus County. Her hope is to inspire all women regardless of age to aspire for greater things, to know that they all have a calling in life and to believe they can and will accomplish their dreams.

Why did you choose to be a LSC Community Advisory Committee member?

Our talent and time can be invested in many different ways. Investing my time with LSC is yet another amazing opportunity to let our community know that we care, we love, we serve, and that each person matters.

What do you love most about LSC?

LOVE. Love is the strongest force and feeling that one can feel. We all show, give, and receive love in different ways. Nothing speaks louder than words, actions, and service. Loving our community in different ways is what speaks to my heart the most which is why I love how versatile LSC can be through the different programs and events offered.

What do you love most about living in Stanislaus County?

The endless possibilities. We have the power to create, recreate, and design the way in which we live, serve, do community, and move forward.

In what ways do you participate in the community?

By showing up. I believe that by living day by day and walking in your gifts, we can be a gift everywhere we go. I see myself as a light and the hands of feet of Jesus. I can't limit myself to just one way but I do have the passion to see girls and women realize their full potential, walk in their God given authority, and make a statement with their lives. Therefore, I take pride in serving, writing, and speaking life to girls and women through She Became or any opportunity that is given.

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