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Veronica Hernandez

Why did you choose to be a LSC Community Advisory Committee member?

Love Stanislaus County has made such a strong impact in the Central Valley. I want to be a part of the growth of this organization to make a difference in the community.

What do you love most about LSC?

The way LSC brings the community together, from different walks of life. This organization started off with an idea that has grown immensely to what it is today. It shows that it takes one thought to make a difference; if you want any idea/ project to grow you can't stop believing in it and doing everything you can to move it forward.

What do you love most about living in Stanislaus County?

Veronica Hernandez is originally from Connecticut, before entering the world of baseball, Veronica has worked in finance, education, and youth development. Minor League Baseball has taken her to multiple different areas of the United States, including Modesto. In Modesto, she previously held the position of Director of Marketing and Promotions for the Modesto Nuts (Class- A Affiliate of the Seattle Mariners). This year, Veronica was promoted to Assistant General Manager of the Modesto Nuts. In each organization that Veronica has been a part of she finds a way for the team to support the community. She integrates herself with locals to understand what the needs are and tries to find ways how the team can help make an impact.
When Veronica is not working, she loves being active, specifically in the mountains. From hiking to skiing, Veronica makes sure to inhale that fresh mountain air regularly.

Stanislaus County continues to surprise me. There are so many things to do in the county. It might not be readily at your fingertips like in larger cities, but it is there. You just need to be open to new conversations with new people, to learn about the events and businesses in our community.

In what ways do you participate in the community?

Through the Modesto Nuts, we participate in over a hundred different community events each year. With the Front Office, we volunteer as an organization to support our community. I am also a member of the 2022 Leadership Modesto cohort

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