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Did you know that Stanislaus County is home to over 100,000 Seniors age 60 and above?  Some seniors live an active and independent life while others need a little help to navigate daily life.

The Seniors Program, in partnership with Adult Protective Services (APS) and In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS), matches the needs of adult and elderly clients with community support to reduce their isolation and meet their needs.

The program receives referrals from these agencies for seniors who may need some items fixed in their homes or perhaps need some furniture or other household items. The Seniors Program then reaches out to the community for donations and opportunities to volunteer.

Senior Care

We have Senior Care Kit Drives happening all throughout June and we need your help!


June 4th (10:00AM-12:00PM) Ralston Towers (Modesto)

June 12th (10:00AM-1:00PM) Grayson Community Center (Grayson)

June 21st (1:00PM-4:00PM) Hammon Center (Patterson)

June 25th (2:00PM-4:00PM) Covenant Living (Turlock)


Interested in learning more about our Seniors Program and how you can get involved? Contact Gaby Fernandez our Seniors Program Director.



The Seniors Program works directly with APS (Adult Protective Services) and IHSS (In Home Support Services to identify the specific needs of vulnerable seniors in our community. With this list of needs, we have inspired hundreds of community members who have stepped up to help. Through this framework, we have been able to help seniors remain independent and give encouragement for those who may feel isolated.

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