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Gaby Fernandez

Seniors Program Director

Gabriela was born in Mexico before moving to the United States as a child. Her family grew up in Oakland, California and she moved to Patterson about 12 years ago. She is very active in the community and was a member of the Love Patterson team this past year among many other community committees. Among her profession work experiences, she spent 9 years working with seniors in the health care field with both Emmanuel and Doctors Medical Centers. Gabriela has been married for 23 years and has two young adult kids.

What is your role at Love Stanislaus County?

Gaby's role with Love Stanislaus County is too enthusiastically oversee the Serving Seniors Initiative with the Neighbors Program. Connecting with seniors, community, businesses and CSA. Matching needs of adults and elderly clients, bringing resources and fulfilling the necessities for seniors in the community.

What do you love the most about your job?

I love and am grateful for the opportunity to help, support, and serve seniors and the elderly. Love Stanislaus County is an exceptional, inclusive, diverse organization. LSC gives the tools to assist diverse age groups in this instance seniors and elderly. Working with seniors in fulfilling needs fills me with joy. I have always leaned towards seniors for guidance and wise words. Throughout my work as a patient advocate at Emanuel medical center, I saw first hand how seniors need our assistance and care.

What do you love most about living in Stanislaus County?

I love living in Stanislaus county because you have serenity, when you seek it. Stanislaus county is full of hard working individuals. My grandfather worked in the Modesto railroad pacific, he would tell stories of the farms and loved the ranch life. Modesto has grown and is a melting pot as well as Patterson Ca, which is where I live. Patterson has provided a good quality life for my family and Turlock and Modesto have provided me with a good career and volunteering opportunities. My family and I own horses and are involved with our young adults, niece, family as far as their equestrian activities. Stanislaus county is a gem in which I see the wild west in full effect full of culture, folklore, and history.

In what ways do you participate in the community?

My participation in the community has stemmed from participating with my children's activities. My family and I have been very involved in sports, community events and school events. My love for community events began in childcare links non-profit. I was part of many outreach events in the Alameda County community. When I relocated to Patterson, I began attending city council meetings, as well as being invited to attend many functions.

I brought forth the Bully-Hate free community proclamation to the city of Patterson, which was signed by mayor Novelli in October 2017. My family and I were part of many trunk or treat functions which is where I gave bully hate free community stickers. I am chair in the parks, recreation and beautification commission for the city of Patterson. I have fundraised for the commission and attended regular meetings.

I am a volunteer with Love Patterson. Love Patterson, is a prominent way to engage and give back to your community in a form of volunteering. Love Patterson gives the city an opportunity to know its neighbors and businesses.

I enjoyed the first year with Love Patterson, placing signs throughout the city and upkeep of social media. I was amazed at the interest from businesses and the community of volunteers.
Love Patterson and all city wide volunteer days are an essential way to serve together as a community and give back in a magical way!

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