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Textured Hair Care Kits

Why are
they needed?

One of the many challenges of being in foster care can be joining a home where the products and needs in the home may be different from your own. If a resource parent doesn’t have textured hair, they may not be familiar with the products and care for that hair type. These kits allow a resource parent to have a starting place to supply their youth with some extra care and support.


As one social worker shared, they had a youth who was refusing to go to school and was hiding her hair in a hoodie because she did not have the right products or help to know how to properly care for her hair. The youth was given a kit as well as the information on local salons to help her and her resource parent learn proper hair care. 


“Thank you so much for hearing the need and advocating. You came at the right time and sincerely helped me make

a difference in this young girl's life.”


- Stanislaus County social worker

in response to the textured hair care kits

Interested in helping?
You can purchase these items to build a full kit or donate some of the items below.

You can ship any and all items to:

Love Our Kids

Love Hair

909 14th St. 

Modesto, CA 95354


Contact Jill with any questions: 209.232.5521 or you can email her at

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Leave in


Wide tooth



hair oil

hair bonnet

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