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Redwood Family Center

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About Us

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Stanislaus County

Redwood Family Center is uniquely able to provide crucial housing and recovery services while also creating relationships in the recovery community for the women and children that we serve. We partner with those with a passion for recovery whether it is private individuals, the faith-based community or government agencies to make recovery costs effective and to ensure that we do not duplicate services. The results are transformed lives and reunited families. Women and children find a safe place to heal and grow together here at Redwood Family Center!

Our Mission
Redwood Family Center provides a faith-based clean and sober living environment for women and women with children in order to equip themselves with the life skills necessary to become self-supporting members of society.

Our Vision
We envision a community where individuals seeking recovery and their families have the opportunity and services to live a drug-free and productive future. We are committed to providing recovery resources through collaborative relationships in the recovery community while the women and children at Redwood Family Center remain in a safe clean and sober living environment. The results are lives that are transformed and families that are reunited.


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Spiritual Mentor




Redwood Family Center

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Volunteers Needed:

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Adults > 18 only

Mentors are matched with a Redwood Family Center mom to share their hope, strength and experience through discipleship and time together. You might ask: Can I be a Mentor? Are you...



Feed A Family

Provide food and nutrition for one woman and her child for up to one year.

House A Woman and Her Child

Provides graduate housing for one woman and her child for up to a year.

Transportation For A Year

Provides transportation for one family for up to one year.

30 Day Treatment

Provide up to 30 days of drug and alcohol treatment for one woman.

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