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Erica May Inacio is a Community Manager at the Stanislaus County Chief Executive Office. She is a first-generation graduate born in Merced, California but raised in Michoacan, Mexico until she was nine years of age when she returned to the Central Valley.

Erica has a passion for serving people and worked to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Business Management in 2010. While she was studying, she was working full time for Stanislaus County as an Administrative Assistant. Erica joined Stanislaus County in 2002 and has successfully established her career providing services as part of a government entity.

In her current role, Erica works closely with the unincorporated areas of Stanislaus County as a liaison for nine Municipal Advisory Councils (MACs). The MACs are made up of community leaders who advise the Board of Supervisors on various issues impacting the community they live in. Erica works closely with the MACs to communicate important information on a variety of proposals and events that may impact their communities. Erica is a fantastic resource for information, and she strives to provide an environment where individuals can discuss community issues and receive assistance if possible.

It is important to Erica to establish strong relationships and build trust with the individuals served by the different departments and programs of Stanislaus County. She is dedicated to community and is often recognized for her hard work; in 2022, Erica was nominated for Citizen of the Year by Love Stanislaus and was nominated by the Legacy Health Endowment for Héroe Latina.

Her focus is to give a voice to our communities as they seek to improve their quality of life and empower them to lead alongside their local governments.

Why did you choose to be a board member of LSC?

I believe in building community and Love Stanislaus’ vision speaks to this – a vision for a community that lifts each other up, values one another, and seeks to help where help is needed.

What do you love most about being on the LSC board?

The board has a mission to inspire, connect, participate, give, and to serve. Our community continues to grow and we recognize our diversity to make us stronger by acknowledging who we are and what we each have to offer. Our board has many strengths, we all play a specific role, and should complement one another to ensure we can serve our communities!

What do you love most about living in Stanislaus County?

I have experienced first hand the love from our community, the support, and the connectedness. We are diverse, we love where we live, and we are stronger together.

In what ways do you participate in the community?

As a community manager with Stanislaus County, Chief Executive Office, I can offer support to our unincorporated areas. I work closely with our communities, listen to their concerns, and I do my best to connect them to the many services our 26 different county departments have to offer. I also try to be resource and help connect organizations to one another to continue to work together in building a better tomorrow.

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