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Brittany Thayer

Why did you choose to be a LSC Community Advisory Committee member?

I believe in the work that LSC does to make this community a better place for everyone who lives here and I am happy to help in any way I can. It is amazing to see how much LSC has grown from where it started and I'm excited to see where it continues to transform this county.

What do you love most about LSC?

I love that LSC serves people in practical ways, not only showing up to put in the work, but also making people feel seen and valued. I believe the work they do sets an example of how to love our neighbors well and how to make our community what we want it to be.

What do you love most about living in Stanislaus County?

Brittany was born and raised in Ceres and learned how to be an active member of the community from her parents. Growing up in the tight knit community of Ceres, Brittany and her family were overwhelmed by love and support they received when she was diagnosed with cancer her senior year of high school. Through the support of her family, friends and community she has continued to thrive and is passionate about finding ways to help those around her.

Brittany is the Executive Director of Chemo Crew, a local non-profit that provides hope and help to cancer patients and their families. She is married to Gavin Thayer, another local born and raised, and they have two beautiful children. As a leader in the community and a parent, Brittany strives to share her love of people and community with her kids. She has been involved with Love Modesto and Love Stanislaus County from it's inception and is thankful to be a part of the Advisory Board.

The people are my favorite part of Stanislaus County and the more involved you become, the more people you meet who truly believe this place can be everything we want it to be. There are so many people who work tirelessly and often thanklessly, to make our community better and they make me proud to live in the Central Valley.

In what ways do you participate in the community?

I love to help and serve people. Through my work at Chemo Crew I am able to help those experiencing cancer and continue to advocate for patients. I have also served in a variety of capacities at my children's schools, been involved in Mom's groups, volunteered with a wide range of local non-profits and am a member of the Stanislaus Latino Chamber of Commerce. I believe being an active participant in our community is the only way to see the true beauty of it and the people here.

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